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Exquisite Wedding Photographyのウェディングフォトに対する真摯な思いとは・・・



Shooting the natural atmosphere of the bride and groom and guests

A general wedding photographer is mostly aimed at the wedding couple. But we always think the wedding ceremony is not only for bride and groom, but for parents, brothers, relatives, friends, colleagues, and all the stakeholders involved in the ceremony. Therefore, we try to use the wedding album to be created, relatively much use of the number of images to enjoy the guests' enjoyment. Even in the same scene, you can shoot from another angle, or both the bride and groom of one scene and the expression of parents. Rather than focusing on only the bride and groom, for the first time by looking back at various angles, the two think that they can know what their wedding ceremony was like. 



Makeup scene shooting

We will shoot from the time we start preparing for two people. A scene to apply a lip and a scene to attach an earring while watching a mirror. The pictures of these make-up scenes you see frequently are only 1/100 or less of makeup photography. The real goodness of makeup shooting is that it is the only thing on the day of the wedding that you can shoot the moment when you are spending time with two people. Some people are nervous or have excited facial expressions, some bride feels tearful at the moment of veiling. I am putting my emphasis on taking pictures of scenes with such little emotions. Also, since we take pictures of accessories for about 30 minutes from the start of shooting, it is especially recommended when you want to preserve the photos of beautiful accessories that blurred the background. 


You have the vast nature of Amami Ohshima Island
as a background

Amami Ohshima Islands are nominated as the World Natural Heritage site in Japan. We take you and have a session at the virgin woods and beach on the main island. Binary Code Binary System Binary Byte


It is common knowledge of photographers to take backups of photo data in duplicate, but most photographers are only backing up to two computers in the same room. But then, not only when a major earthquake or big tsunami occurs but also the dire of the next building just burns, it makes no sense at all. Our wedding photographer uploads all photo data to the online servers in overseas at the same time as backing up to the PC. Shooting with the whole heart is a premise of a wedding photographer but we take heavy to the mission of surely delivering the photo data to the bride and groom, and we have a thorough system (data permanence after delivery it does not guarantee storage).

It corresponds to shooting in foreign languages

It supports shooting in English. We have a staff, who lived in Los Angeles more than 5 years and have taken many international marriage couples and couple that comes from overseas to Japan.
And if you are coming from China, Chinese Taipei, and Korea, we can arrange the interpreters for you.


Japanese Style

We listed authorized Japanese Wedding beauty salons around the city. Before the session, when you inquire us about Kimono, we arrange the fitting day for you before the session.

Shiromuku (pure white kimono)


Only worn in the actual ceremony, this is the most formal kimono for Japanese weddings.This traditional style has its origins in the wedding ceremonies of samurai society.

From Uchikake (wedding kimono) to komono (accessories), arrange your wedding outfit entirely in white. In ancient times white was considered the sacred ‘color of the sun’ and, in weddings, symbolizes the bride’s purity and gentleness of heart. While some believe it also signifies ‘taking on the colors and customs of one’s new family’, it is clear that wearing white draws out the bride’s refined inner dignity. A tsunokakushi (bridal hood) or wataboshi (bridal headdress) will be added to the ceremony.

Iro Uchikake (Colored Kimono) 015015

A formal kimono of the same rank as Shiromuku. Enjoy choosing from our beautiful array of colors as well as from the various auspicious patterns available.Our Irouchikake is gorgeous in both color and design. Although it is possible to wear this with a Tsunokakushi for the wedding, why not make a striking impression by wearing Shiromuku during the ceremony and saving the colorful Uchikake kimono for when you change outfits for the banquet and reception. 

(long-sleeved kimono with trailing hem)


It is said that this tradition was started by families of wealthy farmers and merchants imitating the samurai class. It refers to a long-sleeved (furisode) kimono with a dragging (hiki) hem. It is also called ‘ohikizuri’ (dragging kimono). This kimono features a ‘fuki’ (edge of the hem) that has been stuffed with cotton to prevent the hem from becoming tangled with the legs while walking. Don’t forget to put on your tsunokakushi for the ceremony!

Advance meeting

I think that there are not many people who can show a real smile to the cameraman we met for the first time on that day. However, as soon as I look at my friend's face, even on that day I should be nervous, the expressions of the bride and groom will be softened. It may not be exactly the same as those friends, but by meeting with the photographer before the wedding ceremony, I will be taking photographs as I can talk to anything freely (with meetings with photographers We will use skype).  DSC_5973DSC_5973

Photo Retouching

Saturation and contrast (light and dark) may not be sufficient for data taken with a digital camera, depending on the shooting environment. For such photos, we correct the brightness and color after shooting. In addition, the photo used for the album is processed carefully like the ones posted on this site, and carefully finished up to the quality which can call one piece at the artwork.

Always seeking new expressions

>Unfortunately, I can not help to say that Japanese wedding photography is the most delayed in the world. Recent album style came from Chinese Taipei or Korea. There are a lot of wedding photographers who take spectacular and wonderful photographs in the world, including the United States and Canada, the home of wedding photography. We belong to the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), Wedding Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), and Professional Photographers Association(PPA) composed of the world's top wedding and portrait photographers, and constantly receives a stimulation of works of such top-level photographers from around the world, I am challenging.



If you can afford the sell-dresses, we offer you Trash-The-Dress(TTD). This style is getting common around the world, especially for a destination Wedding, some called it Exploringt Wedding We can show you the shops in Tokyo and Osaka area. Before you visit Amami Island, you have to visit and purchase your dresses. It takes maybe a couple of days for fitting. Unfortunately in Amami, there is any sell-dress shop. 
As you know the general location session is not including
unlisted area on the guide book. But we offers such a kind of the couple to unsettled island or deep woods.


Pre-Wedding (Maedori)
Pre-Wedding is to get your photo taken at the locations or studio before the wedding day. So, the couple doesn't worry about time on that day. Its cost will be a bit high for your costumes and in some case, hiring the stylist to be with us. 
The couple will designate their favorite location at first meeting and before the session, we go hunt there. 
Urban Wedding
We are located at the center of the city. So, sometimes, we go to the shopping street and we shoot the couple with people living here.